Admin & Finance Specialist

Position Title:    Admin & Finance Specialist
Type of Appointment:    Short term contract
Duration:    6 Months (three months’ probation) with possibility of extension
Duty Station    EPD in Kabul
Procurement Plan Ref    ???
Gender    (Male/female)
Position     (1 position)

Export Promotion Project (EPP) of Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC) is mainly focusing on growth and promotion of export & trade and paving better platform through identification of potential international markets and assistance provision during the product export activities for Afghan exporters in Afghanistan. The project is mainly working on markets access, provision of market information to Afghan exporters, shipment mapping, and to link the businesses with Afghan authorities within the country and outside the country to assist them during their products shipment to international markets.

The Export Promotion Project at MoIC shall play a key role in implementation of the project and shall be one of the senior management team to manage and lead the technical team during the course of their activities. The Export Promotion Project plays a key role in achievement of Afghanistan export target set by the government to be achieved through provision of marketing, development of assistance provision directory and shipment processes maps to help Afghan exporters/agencies during their product shipment to int’l markets.
The Admin and Finance Specialist shall work under the direct supervision of the Deputy Project Manager and shall be accountable to Export Promotion Project Senior Management Team. S/he is expected to develop administrative and financial plans for the project, implement all policies and procedures of the Afghanistan government, development of required files, provision of required stationaries to staffs on timely basis, monitor and control the attendance of staffs, update the management on the financial status of the project on timely basis, and shall develop financial report on quarterly basis to the management.
The admin and finance specialist will be assigned develop and implement a transparent petty cash mechanism, prepare checklist of procedures for filling and documentation of current and previous years, and develop and implement the inventory system for the Project asset and goods. In addition, s/he will be responsible to provide quality assistance to the management of the project on financials system and newly developed systems to be implemented.

1.    Plan, develop and implement administrative and financial activities
2.    Develop and implement all policies and procedures related to administration and finance
3.    Carry out all administrative & finance activities in accordance with the government procedures
4.    Develop and maintain personnel files of project staff
5.    Ensure building, offices, washrooms and yard for necessary cleanness and maintenance
6.    Develop and implement maintenance checklist for generator and vehicles
7.    Ensure proper and timely distribution of stationary as per necessity
8.    Responsible for the filing and recordkeeping of all administrative documents.
9.    Monitor attendance of all administrative staff on daily basis and prepare its report
10.    Prepare leave application form for all project staffs,
11.    Monitor and control the office administrative expenses and regular expenditures,
12.    Attend meetings, workshops and trainings for sharing ideas and capacity building to
13.    Install and maintain fire extinguishers where necessary,
14.    Communicate security alerts with staff in emergency situations and conduct trainings if needed,
15.    Analyze financial data to identify organizational financial status and shall be responsible to report to the management,
16.    Prepare budget and financial reports of the project on monthly basis for decision making and timely actions,
17.    Prepare audit report of previous financial year,
18.    Prepare and monitor expenses of  project activities as per budget,
19.    Develop and implement a transparent petty cash mechanism,
20.    Prepare procedures and checklist for filling and documentation of current and previous years,
21.    Develop an updated inventory system for the project assets and future purchases,
22.    Prepare and implement an audit checklist for internal and external audits to meet their requirements,
23.    Develop and implement government financial procedures for standard operations,
24.    Advise our senior management team on financial planning and other related financial activities,
25.    Propose additional budget for the project as per expenditure of activities and forecast,
26.    Performs any other tasks as assigned by Export Promotion Directorate.
1.    University degree required in Economics & Commerce Studies, BBA, Social Science, Public Policy, or other relevant field;  
2.    Excellent knowledge of English (oral and written) and Dari or Pashto languages;
3.    At least 4 years of work experience  with Bachelor Degree and 2 years with Master Degree in areas dealing with economy development, knowledge management or similar field;
4.    Good knowledge of computer and data management programs;
5.    Excellent computer skills using (Ms, Word, Excel, and Access,), and Internet browsing.
6.    Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply;

1.    Strong project management skills;
2.    Strong argument resolution skills;
3.    Strong presentation and communication skills;
4.    Interested in reading and writing.
5.    Good writing skills in Dari or Pashto is an asset;
6.    Be able to work in a dynamic working environment;
7.    Strong interpersonal skills;
8.    Ability to travel to provinces, if required;
9.    Ability and willingness to travel to the provinces when needed.
The Admin and Finance Specialist shall report directly to the Deputy Manager and is accountable to the EPP and MoIC Senior Management.