Expert – PromotingAccessto Finance for SMEs


                    Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

                    Ministry of Commerce Industri

                     Human Resource Directorate


Terms of Reference


Project ID Number:          2013-AFGTRAD-0107           

Position Name:                Expert – PromotingAccessto Finance for SMEs

Duty Station:                    Kabul, Afghanistan                             

Duration:                         Short Term – 5 months (110 days)

Number of jobs:              1

Gross Salary:                   100USD per day (22 days per month)            

Advertising Date:             April14th, 2014                                   

Closing Date:                   April 24th, 2014


  1.      Context

Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MoCI)has, within government, the specific responsibility to bring forward legislation, programs and other measures to promote trade and, in particular, the role of the private sector. It is charged with encouraging growth through the development, in consultation with all stakeholders, of appropriate policies and regulations, and the facilitation of internal and external private sector production and trade. The Strategy, Policy and Planning Directorate (SPPD) is responsible for policy analysis, generation and assessment both within MOCI, and on policy proposals developed by other ministries which will have a significant impact on the private sector. The Directorate is also responsible to ensure timely development of high quality strategic and planning documents for the Ministry; to collate, analyze and report on performance of the Ministry against agreed benchmarks; to coordinate donor assistance programs within the Ministry toensure that they align with the Ministry’s strategic direction.

Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC) Strategy:The COMCEC Strategy, adopted by the 4th extraordinary session of the Islamic Summit Conference held on 14-15 August, 2012 in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, is the new cooperation framework for the activities under the COMCEC umbrella. The strategy introduces two new instruments for implementation; the working group and the project cycle management (PCM).

COMCEC’s Vision and Mission: Is to build a prosperous Islamic Ummah based on solidarity and interdependence, enhance mobility and good governance. Accordingly, COMCEC’s mission is to provide a forum to produce and decimate knowledge, share experiences and best practices, develop a common language/understanding and approximate policies in cooperation areas to address and find solutions to the economic and social challenges of the Islamic Ummah. 

Strategy, Policy and Planning Directorate (SPPD)in cooperation with the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Directorate (SMEDD) will implement the mentioned project within MoCI.

Overall Project Objective:

Improve export promotion of SMEs and enable them to access financial institutions as well as trade and business environment in Afghanistan through building capacity of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MoCI) employees to produce sound SMEs development policy documents with best international standards in order to pave the way for enhancing multilateral trade cooperation between Afghanistan and COMCEC members. Such multilateral cooperation will create employment within Afghanistan and COMCEC regions, build technical capacity and reduce poverty in the long run - as envisioned in the COMCEC Strategy.

Project Purpose

To enable and strengthen MoCI to produce sound policies with best practices in accordance to the international standards as well as utilization of COMCEC members’ experiences in the area of export promotion of SMEs and enable them to access financial institutions, furthermore exchange contemporary trade promotion ideas. Specifically, this project will build the technical capacity of MoCI employees in the area of trade and SMEs policy formulation and will raise multilateral cooperation awareness within Afghanistan and the COMCEC region.

Main duties and responsibilities:


  • The expert should prepare comprehensiveaction plan at his/her first week of joining, the action plan could be prepared in coordination and consultation with the Project Coordinator and Responsible Authority, the action plan must be in lined with the overall project work plan.

  • Theexpert will perform a desk research on “Promoting Access to Finance forSMEs” taking into consideration the experience and models of regional and central Asian countries of COMCEC.

  • Explore and scrutinize available documents with Small and Medium Enterprises Development Directorate (SMEDD) at MoCI and other regional countries’ SMEs institutes.

  • The expert will conduct comprehensive data collection and surveys both in Kabul and prominent provinces through inter alia, study visits, interview and etc, in order to draft a comprehensive report on Promoting Access to Finance forSMEs” taking into consideration the experience of regional and central Asian countries of COMCEC.

  • Expert will prepare a draft report that outlines the facts in accordance to SMEs’ current situations in the areas of promoting access to finance for SMEs taking into consideration the regional and central Asian countries.In addition, the produced report must contain factual information about SMEs and pave the way to provide policyrecommendations for betterment of Afghan and regional SMEs.

  • Prepare training materials for “Promoting Access to Finance for SMEs”

  • Establish close and regular coordination with Project Coordinator and Responsible Authority.

  • Prepare reporting mechanism and establish reporting cycle with Project Coordinator and Responsible Authority to ensure effective project implementation

  • Produce relevant reports and documents

  • Conduct provincial research and survey on Afghan SMEs, which will contain both desk and field researches

  • Research and identify financial institutions and enable MoCI – SMEDevelopment Directorate to draft and amend SMEs’ policies considering regional multilateralism as envisaged in COMCEC Strategy

  • In close coordination and collaboration of project coordinator and SMEs Director, the expert will establish coordination with national and international financial institutions in order to promote access to finance for SMEs.

  • Scrutinize and analyze on the findings and produce sound and comprehensive timely report

  • The expert must organize and conduct at least 5-day advance training program on and “promoting access to finance for SMEs”.

  • The expert must produce a final project report (Practical and Factual Oriented)for publication

  • Prepare his/her own detailed time sheet which describes his/her daily performances in each month and submit it to the Responsible Authority.




  • Educational Background: Master
Major/Concentration/Field: Economics, Business Administration and Public Administration (With strong employment background in financial sector)

  • Practical Experience in Related Field: 1- Policy Formulation and implementation 2- Training workshop materials development
3- Communication
4- Research5- Reporting

  • Publication: The Project expert is expected to have publication in the following areas: 1- Trade Policy formulation, Research and
2- Private Sector
3- Development Projects 4- SMEs Development and Access to Finance

  • Other Qualifications: 1- Communication Skills 2- Able to work under tense conditions
3- Capacity Building Skills
4- To deliver tasks within tight deadlines

  • 5- Writing Skills

  • Language(s)(proficiency level)

  • English (Technical and Advance Level) French and other international recognized languages are assets

  • Excellent project management, technical and advance writing, editing and proof-reading skills required.

  • Demonstrated track record of successful project delivery.

  • Good contextual knowledge of local issues, community priorities, organizational relationships, social and cultural constraints and realities, and environmental conditions;

  • Ability to work independently or as a member of a team on various tasks.

  • Proven ability to work within limited time constraints in the preparation of high quality documents;

  • Proven ability to work under stressful conditions and to work with government (Tashkeel) staff of MOCI;

  • Fluency in English, Dari and Pashto Languages (both oral and written).


Contact Address:


Interested and qualified applicants are requested to send their CVs including Cover Letter (With mentioning the position ID No and name in thesubject) via email to