Meeting on revision of opportunities and challenges in Dairy Sector was held

Meeting on revision of opportunities and challenges in Dairy Sector was held under the chairmanship of Respected Mr. Zuhoruddin Shirzada Deputy Minister for Private Sector and Industries Development of Ministry of Industry and Commerce on Jan, 05, 2019 at the conference hall of this ministry.
At this meeting, Mr. Jawad Noori Acting director of Small and Medium Enterprises regulation and Development and a number of Dairy Sector members were also present.
At this meeting on revision of opportunities and challenges in Dairy Sector, data collection on dairy entrepreneur’s, protection of government from this sector, suggestion, recommendations and solutions to these challenges were discussed.
Entrepreneurs of Dairy Sector at this meeting discussed regarding their problems as; Import of too much Dairies with lower rates from neighbor countries, absence of quality control in borders, inexistence of agreements of government with this sector, distribution of land in industrial parks, financial problems and marketing for their products were stated.
 They have added that, tariffs should be imposed on imported dairy goods, quality controls should be done in borders, from creation of national board of dairies should be advocated through government and financial and marketing cooperation’s should be done by ministry of industry and commerce.
Mr. Zuhoruddin Shirzada Dm for Private sector and industries development of ministry of industry and commerce said; the aim of this meeting is revision of problems of dairy sector and leadership board of this ministry is fully ready to cooperate with the national dairy board in stated problems and will pave the ground for their participation in domestic and abroad exhibitions.