Participation of Acting Minister of Industry and Commerce in joint-confederation conference on industries of India.

Respected Kamila Sidiqi Acting Minister of Industry and Commerce on Jan, 12-13, 2019 has participated in joint-confederation conference on industries of India, in which trade ministers from the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal and Bhutan were invited.

At this conference, Ms. Sidiqi spoke on the importance of economic cooperation between members of the Southern Asian countries and emphasized on economic cooperation, the growth of regional trade, the development of commercial blocks and the creation of a better atmosphere among the South Asian countries, and the components which are considered are necessary for the development of South Asian countries.

She also provided detailed information on the recent achievements of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Creating the right atmosphere for trade and investment, and in the recent statement she assured the support and patronage from the Afghan government to expand its business with the South Asian countries, the implementation of the SAFTA schedule, the use of Afghanistan's position to connect South and Central Asia, she stated to the participants. 

Also, Acting Minister of Industry and Commerce on the sidelines of the conference, met with Indian, UAE, Maldives, and Ukraine trade ministers.

During these meetings, Ms. Sidiqi talked about investment opportunities in Afghanistan and expansion of business relations with them. At the same time, the ministers of the above mentioned countries welcomed Ms. Sidiqi's proposals and expressed their interest in expanding trade and investment ties in Afghanistan.

On the other hand, at the end of this program, the Afghanistan Trade Representative office in India has signed the Export Agreement for Afghan Saffron with the Indian company Mataji Impex Kesarwala Private Limited, in presence of respected Kamila Sidiqi Acting Minister of Industry and Commerce. According to the agreement, the Indian company buys 2000 kilograms of saffron annually from Afghanistan and sells them to Indian markets.