Trip of high-ranking government officials to Khost Province

The high-ranking government delegation based on the guidance of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on addressing the administrative problems, face-to-face talks with investors and people in the province of Khost, opening several public services projects, and coordinating better and more effectively between the local offices of Khost and the central offices On Jan, 21,2019 has traveled to Khost province.

During the trip, the high-ranking government delegation inaugurated the Khost University Knowledge Center and visited several public services projects of the Ministry of Public Works and Industrial Park in Khost province.

Respected Ms. Kamila Sidiqi Acting Minister of Industry and Commerce whom was also at the trip of Khost province, said at a meeting with investors and people in the province of Khost that, the Khost province is one of the most important provinces in the country that has potential for economic growth in the agricultural, Mines, construction materials and other sectors. For example, Khost province produces about 23 metric tons of black Nuts (Ghalghuzah) per year, which is currently being exported to China through the air corridor.

Respected Ms. Kamila Sidiqi Acting Minister of Industry and Commerce, referring to the previous trips of the High delegation of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to Khost province, said that this is the fourth visit of officials of this ministry to Khost. Plans such as the construction of infrastructure of industrial park of Khost province, distribution of land for investors, especially Ghalghuzah field investors as per as the regulations of industrial parks, facilitating the export of products from Khost province, and paying special attention to the merchants and producers of the province, were urged to market their products through domestic and foreign exhibitions next year to promote the development of industry And the trade of this province.  

The acting minister of industry and commerce also added that, with the help of the Almighty Allah and the cooperation of the honorable institutions, we succeeded in implementing the above mentioned plans in order to take practical steps towards the economic growth and social welfare of the citizens of the country, and in particular the province of Khost.