Meeting of Acting Minister of Industry and Commerce with four of the most well-known industrialists of the country.

Respected Mr. Ajmal Ahmady Acting Minister of Industry and Commerce and senior adviser to the president in banking and financial affairs has met with honored Mr. Haji Nasrullah Rahmati, Haji Abdul Hamid, Dr. Qadir Latifi and Engineer Rahmatullah Wahdat and four experienced industrialists in the fields of flour production, clothes design, pipe production, processing and production of marbles in the country.

During this meeting, they have discussed the issue of obtaining government projects contracts, solving the problems in the customs, raising the scope for increased exports of marble, and facilitating the transfer of foreign exchange through banks led by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Mr. Ahmady at the end of this meeting said; the challenges would be taken serious, and the results will be shared soon.