Afghanistan's industrial growth has reached eight percent

Respected Mr. Zuhoruddin Shirzada deputy ministry for private sector and industries development of ministry of industry and commerce in a joint press conference with Heads of Chamber of Mines and Industries and Afghanistan women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries on May, 21, 2019 at GMIC has said; Afghanistan's industrial growth has reached eight percent.
This joint press conference was held to continue the series of celebratory programs of the industry week, the officials of ministry of industry and commerce, chamber of industry and mines and Afghanistan women’s chamber of commerce and industries have discussed regarding the achievements in the growth of industry as well as opportunities and challenges ahead in the process of industrialization of the country.
Mr. Shirzada added, with eight percent growth in industries of in the country, Exports have also increased compared to previous years.
He said; Supply and demand for investment were set at $ 450 million in the iron sector, $ 520 million in the Petroleum sector and $ 230 million in flour production.
Meantime, Ms. Manizha Wafeq Head of Afghanistan women’s chamber of commerce and industries, said that the share of women to invest in industrial parks is 15% to 25%, expressing satisfaction with the facilities provided for women.
She said, transportation facilities, in particular the creation and operation of air corridors, provided women with investment opportunities, and now women have invested $ 200,000 worth of dry fruit processing, packaging and saffron processing.
Mr. Shirbaz Kaminzadah, Head of the Chamber of Industry and Mines of Afghanistan, said the creation of this chamber and the creation of the High Economic Council was a major achievement in the development of industry, and now the necessary understandings between the private sector and the government has taken place, and the government, in addition is supporting domestic products, besides purchases these products too.
The government is committed supporting the private sector and has taken major steps in this direction.