In near future big projects are going to be implemented in Faryab province

Today Jan, 21, 2017 His Excellency Humayoon Rasaw minister of commerce and industries met with the Honored Sayed Anwar Sadat Faryab province governor at his office.
At the first Mr. Sadat, presented the reports of the secondary units of ministry of commerce activities in this province and called for more attention of high-ranking officials in order to implement further projects in this province. 
Then after, HE Rasaw discussed regarding the projects that are going to be implemented by the ministry of commerce in this province. He added, the projects that ministry of commerce have  planned for current year and near future of Faryab province are as follows; carpet Industrial parks, Construction of commerce and industries department building, and other big projects of petroleum.
At the end of this meeting honored Sadat governor of Faryab province thanked the leadership of ministry, and promised any cooperation for the better implementation of mentioned projects in Faryab province.