Mr. Ajmal Hameed Abdulrahimzai, admin finance deputy minister of Ministry of Industry and Commerce as a first ever Afghan National received the ICCR distinguished alumni award of 2018.

Today in Delhi, Mr. Abdulrhimzai MoIC Admin & Finance Deputy Minister received the Indian ICCR distinguished alumni award of 2018. This Awarded is presented to Mr. Abdulrahimzai among 10000 Afghan and more than 170 other countries’ graduates
MoIC Deputy Minister is the first Afghan National who received ICCR distinguished alumni award from the Indian Foreign minister Ms. Sushma Sawaraj.
This award is presented to an ICCR graduate who, after his graduation, has been an active member of the society and has completed social, political or economic
During the ceremony Mr. Abdulrahimzai said “I would like to thank the government of India for their support in educating the young generation of Afghanistan” and added that this award is credited to those afghan students who studied in India away from their homeland facing many challenges and now keened to serve their country through their knowledge acquired.
Indian external minister presented her congratulations and talked about the importance of the education and also added that such educational programs strengthen the relations between countries.
To receive this award there were numbers of candidates from government and non-government agencies from around 162  countries such as SARC countries, Africa, Latin America and other ICCR member countries’ graduates from different Indian universities.
Mr. Abdulrahimzai has 15 years of government and non-government experience, who, graduated from Osmania university of India in 2012, completed his master program in Business Administration.