Simplifying and facilitating the export process

The export process has been simplified and facilitated with a reduction of 5 steps and mandatory documents from the 10 previous documents. The new export plan will be arranged in consultation with stakeholders, including the private sector, by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in order to reduce the time and cost of exports and improve Afghanistan's position in the Transit Trade Index of World Bank, and at the 23rd Economic Council meeting on Dec, 23, 2018 it was confirmed.
According to this plan, for the clearance of goods in customs, the following documents are required:
1. Business license
2- Packaging list
3. Business Invoice
4. Bill of Lading
5- Goods clearance form
Quality attestation documents, origin certificates, transit forms, insurance bills and delivery orders are removed from the mandatory and changed to optional disclosure. Now, with the implementation of this plan, we will see the facilitation and increase of exports.