Sector-wide Initiatives

Sector-wide initiatives will include:

  • Capacity building to address the lack of management skills and a poorly trained work force. The Government will encourage and facilitate the market-based provision of business development services and vocational training. Increased skills and knowledge will allow Afghan businesses to innovate and compete more strongly on domestic and international markets.
  • Government will also actively encourage the participation of women in the private sector. The Government will address the barriers to women’s full economic participation and increasing in their productivity. It will assist them through facilitating access to capital, marketing and skills development. The Government will ensure that women are especially targeted in the provision of business development services and training and expanding marketing opportunities. In the implementation of micro-credit schemes, the Government will pay particular attention to women.
  • Government will ensure that anti-corruption measures are incorporated in all programs outlined above. Corruption in the form of paying bribes is a direct manifestation of attempts to circumvent the high transaction costs in the Afghan economy. Efforts to reduce the high transaction costs are therefore closely linked to anti-corruption measures. Government will increase its efforts to introduce more transparent procedures as well as provide specific anti-corruption measures such as the introduction of a code of ethics for customs officials. Chapter 7 outlines the Government’s anticorruption strategy in greater detail.
  • Divestment of SOEs. The Government is committed to liquidating and or privatizing those state owned enterprises that provide services that can and should be delivered through the market. Those that currently perform important functions that cannot be quickly delivered through the market will remain under government ownership for the time being and efforts will be made to strengthen their management, oversight, transparency and ultimately, their financial viability.