Agribusiness working group - Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Agribusiness working group

Agribusiness Working Group

The first Agribusiness Working Group meeting was held on November 21, 2011.  Meetings are held on a monthly basis, and as of December 2012, the following organizations have been invited to participate in the working group as permanent and ad-hoc members:


Permanent Members

Ad-Hoc Members

  • Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI)
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation & Livestock (MAIL)
  • Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD)
  • Export Promotion Agency (EPAA)
  • Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA)
  • Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI)
  • Afghanistan National Standards Authority (ANSA)
  • Raisins, Fruits & Vegetables Export Promotion Agency (RFVEPA)
  • Asia Development Bank (ADB)
  • Aga Khan Foundation
  • Afghanistan Business Innovation Fund (ABIF)
  • Food Agriculture Organisation (FAO)
  • Harakat
  • ISAF
  • JICA
  • Microfinance Investment Support Facility Afghanistan (MISFA)
  • Shomali Farms
  • Welfare and Development Organisation for Afghanistan (WDOA)
  • World Bank


The initial set of priority actions was agreed by the Agribusiness Working Group in the 2nd Working Group Meeting on the 18th of December 2011 (for more information, please refer to the attachments in the minutes of the 2nd Working Group meeting): 




Action 24: Set up Agricultural Facilitation offices in key trading locations with Delhi and Dubai as pilot


Action 25 (adapted, part 2):  Research government incentives/ support schemes provided by other countries (e.g. India) to support SMEs in agribusiness


Action 25 (part 1):  As part of the trade policy, determine and identify agricultural products that have a competitive edge


New Action: Mapping of agribusiness sector


New Action:  Pilot of the Village Information Kiosk System