SME Launch Event for Agribusiness and Cashmere Sectors

The SME launch event for the Agribusiness and Cashmere Plans was held on 10 October 2011. The specific objective of the launch event was to:

  • Introduce and raise the awareness of the SME Action Plans and sector Working Groups among relevant Ministries and Government agencies, the donor community, and private sector
  • Gain support for the implementation of the Agribusiness and Cashmere Plans
  • Ensure better alignment and coordination in donor and government programs to assist value chain development in these priority sectors


Approximately 40 representatives attended the launch event. Government stakeholders included MAIL, MRRD, AISA, and ANSA. Private sector attendees included ACCI and several sector associations, as well as direct private sector representation from the cashmere sector. The main development partners were also present, including DFID, USAID, World Bank, ADB, UN, AKF and a number of relevant donor-funded projects.