Duties and Responsibilities of Legal and Regulatory affairs directorate of Ministry of Commerce and Industries
Legal and Regulatory affairs directorate is one of the key directorates of ministry of commerce and industries which is under direct supervision of minister. This directorate is works on the drafting, modification, revision and approval of trade law documents and providing legal advice.
Since its inception, the directorate of Legal Affairs has been able to engage in the Afghan business process with the cooperation of other relevant institutions in drafting standard rules for the growth of the economy, the balanced trade, the development of the domestic industry, the attraction of investments in accordance with the Afghan National Strategic Plan and strategic objectives and indicators. The Ministry of Commerce and Industries is responsible for the rule of law and the provision of advice on statutory documents to other government departments within the Ministry of Commerce and Industries.
This directorate has worked to improve Afghanistan's position and place in the trade and commitments index to the regional and international organizations, it has worked hard to create a favorable legal environment and balanced business conditions, to ensure fair activity, and to provide the necessary facilities for the development of fair competition and consumer protection will strengthen the context for the growth of the private sector by designing legislative documents.
The key responsibilities of the Directorate of Legal Affairs are to create a favorable legal framework for the continuation and fulfillment of the above objectives are as follows:
 Design and arrangement of the ministry's legislative plan (Legislative necessities of the Ministry) in accordance with (Government legislative plans) the Ministry's general plan for achieving the goals set in accordance with the legal documents, including a plan for the coordination and cooperation of relevant institutions.
 Unity of affairs, sketching up, clarifying and processing and completing the legal documents related to commerce and industries in accordance with the provisions of effective legislative documents and accepted criteria.
 Monitoring the compliance of the legislative documents related to the ministry and the relevant legal aspects of it.
 Provision of legal services, including review of contracts, international agreements and conventions on commerce and industry issues.
 Expressing opinion and providing legal advice on statutory documents issued by the government.
 Conducting conferences, seminars and explanatory workshops in order to illustrate the legal documents of the Ministry.