Plan , Policy and Strategy

  1. Strategy, Policy and Planning


The Strategy, Policy and Planning Directorate (SPPD) is responsible for policy analysis, generation and assessment both within MOCI, and on policy proposals developed by other ministries which will have a significant impact on the private sector. In addition, this Directorate will complement the role of the Chief of Staff’s office in managing donor assistance, as SPPD is responsible for monitoring donor assistance programmes to ensure that they align with the Ministry’s strategic direction. In such a way, SPPD contributes towards all six of MOCI’s strategic objectives for developing the Afghan Economy by ensuring that the Ministry’s policy direction is orientated towards the realisation of those goals.


Policy development will be undertaken with the involvement and guidance of Deputy Ministers and Directors, and will involve seconded Directorate staff as part of policy development teams from the SPPD. It is intended that seconded staff, on their return to their line Directorate, will act as the champions for the implementation of the developed policy. The value of SPPD is that it will create a critical mass of policy development expertise in the Ministry enabling it to serve as a resource for the policy Directorates when they are looking to develop policy. In the long term it is envisaged that SPPD will take over the work of international technical assistance in this area, as a more sustainable policy support mechanism.


Given this Directorate was newly created as part of the Pay and Grading reform programme, the main activities over the next year relate to the hiring of relevant staff and development of processes and methodologies for policy design, analysis and implementation.