The Office of the Chief of Staff has a key role to play in ensuring Ministerial business is well organised and conducted efficiently. In this capacity, the Office handles Ministry correspondence; oversees logistical arrangements in support of the Minister’s schedule; provides secretarial support to the Minister and Deputy Ministers, and organises a secure document management and archiving system for the Minister’s cabinet and parliamentary papers and documents.
The Office has a broader role to play in building and maintaining constructive relationships both internally and externally. The Office of the Chief of Staff facilitates the effective operation of the MOCI executive team; handles the relationship with Parliament and Cabinet Affairs; supports links to the provincial offices; manages the relationship with donors and oversees donor projects currently underway in the Ministry.
Finally, the Office has a role in reviewing security arrangements with the Ministry of Interior and the Afghan National Police to ensure effectiveness of security arrangements.
The breadth of its role in ensuring efficient and effective functioning of the Ministry, identifies the Office of the Chief of Staff as critical to the achievement of MOCI’s seventh Strategic Objective for 2015 – ‘to ensure that MOCI has the capacity to deliver on its role’. Further, whilst the establishment of the Public Relations and Information Directorate will allow for speech writing and other strategic media communications to be transferred out of the Office, the co-ordination role with Cabinet and Parliament means that the Office also has a contribution to make to the sixth Strategic objective - ‘to promote the market economy and increase understanding of how it operates’.
Going forward, the Office of the Chief of Staff will focus on maintaining relations with Cabinet, Parliament, the private sector and donors, including responding to queries and handling correspondence in an appropriate time scale. In addition, the Office will improve diary management and secretarial support to the Minister.