This Directorate has a dual responsibility for managing and co-ordinating the financial and administrative affairs of the Ministry. As such, the Directorate has a leading role in achieving the Ministry’s supporting strategic objective for 2015 – ‘to ensure that MOCI has the capacity to deliver on its role’.
In the name of Almighty Allah
Deputy ministry of private sector and industries development in the framework of ministry of commerce and industries, based on the principle of balanced development of the country's industries, which is a key component of the country's economic development, carries out its activities.
 In the current era, industrialization has become a key element of the economic development of developing countries. In developed countries, development has generally been achieved through industrialization, and industrial development has been accompanied by economic growth and increased living standards for people.Read more
Undoubtedly, the private sector plays the key role for driving the wheel of trade and economy, and has played a significant role in economic convergence and is at the heart of the economy of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. At the same time, the development and success of both sectors, the private sector and the industries of the country, are essential for the government's serious support for creating favorable opportunities for domestic and foreign investment. Its worth mentionable that both sectors have close relations and they are necessary for each other. 
It should be acknowledged that the sector of the industries has become the leading sector in the field of economic development in comparison with other productive sectors. The growth of the industries allows the power of the manufacturing industries to increase continuously due to the increasing development of science and technology.
It should be noted that, with the industrialization of the country, the following opportunities and facilities will be provided:
With increasing national production, exports will increase and  brings balance to the trade.
Establishing industrial factories, will bring prosperity and expansion in the labor market         and employment.
The basic needs of people in the community will be served betterly. 
The national resources will be used effectively.
Increases industrial items in exports of the country. 
National products will substitute imported goods and pushing the country towards self-sufficiency.
In this way, industries and private sector policies have a profound effect on the structural development of the economy, and as the main driver of economic growth in Afghanistan, and contributes to a suitable platform for peace and security.
The deputy ministry for private sector and industries development will continue to support its economic integration and economic convergence with other countries, as well as the faster development of the Afghan economy through the implementation of business policies, and will carry out the following functions:
• Serious support of the consumers and Industrialists of the country.
• Encouraging  investors to invest in industries and private sector.
• Designing and planning new projects for industrial growth and employment.
• Controling the  on time implementation of the planned plans of this deputy.
• Continuous collaboration with other government stakeholders.
• Providing services and consults to industrialists and consumers.
• Provides opportunities to increase the capacity of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries staff and to raise the level of awareness of industrialists and consumers.
• Conducts workshops and conferences under the authority and supervision of this deputy to develop and strengthen the industries and investment in Afghanistan.
• Attracts foreign investors to invest in Afghanistan.
• Provision of assistance to traders and industrialists in order to organize and participating them in international exhibitions and conferences.
• Establishment of favorable opportunities and facilities abroad (establishment of showrooms and shops) in order to introduce more and more industrial goods of Afghanistan.
• Supports the holding of industrial exhibitions in Kabul and the provinces of the country and inviting foreign companies and investors to participate in the exhibitions.
• Provides opportunities and facilities for the principles of customs preferences in some countries for the development and expansion of the country's exports.
• Proper use of new opportunities and facilities and realization and implementation of them on the path of growth and consolidation of trade and economy of the country.
• Takes necessary and timely actions to solve the challenges.
The following directorates provides their activities under the deputy ministry of private sector and industries development:
1. General directorate of pirvate sector
2. Small medium enterprises development directorate
3. Industries Technical affairs directorate
4. Competition and Consumer Protection Directorate
5. Reforms and assessment of companies financial incumbency directorate
6. General directorate of industrial parks.