Holding a joint coordination meeting to achieve the Decree 2021 of President

چهارشنبه ۱۴۰۰/۵/۱۳ - ۱۵:۵۸
Holding a joint coordination meeting to achieve the Decree 2021 of President

August 4, 2021

Joint coordination meeting to lead the 2021 High Presidential Office decree chaired by Mr. Sayed Mohsen Sadat, Director General of Industrial Parks and Industrial Affairs of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce attended by representatives of the Investment Facilitation Unit of the Administrative office of President, Chambers Federation, Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines, Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Afghanistan Chamber of Agriculture and Livestock Production and Afghanistan Chamber of Craftsmen and Shopkeepers was held.

To solve the problems and challenges facing the Chamber of Craftsmen, shopkeepers, and other chambers of commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, submitted a proposal to the High Presidential Office, according to which the Guideline No. (2021) dated July 14, 2021, issued this decree on the reasons to amend some articles of the Law on the Regulation of Chambers and the Law on Municipalities to address these problems and challenges and submit it to the High Economic Council.

In this meeting, the representatives of the relevant departments, discussed in detail the problems, challenges, and reasons for the need to amend some of the articles of the above-mentioned laws, and it was decided that each department could substantiate and document their views with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to bring the issue to a meeting of the High Economic Council for a decision through this ministry.

تازه خبرونه

شنبه ۱۴۰۱/۲/۳۱ - ۱۵:۱۱
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قیمتي ډبرو په درۍ ورځني نړیوال نندارتون کې د افغاني شرکتونو ګډون

د قیمتي ډبرو شپږ افغاني شرکتونه په پاکستان کې روان د قیمتي ډبرو په نړیوال نندارتون کې ګډون لري.

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فابریکو ته په ورپېښو ستونزو خبرې وشوې

د صنعتي پارکونو د عمومي رئيس عبدالعظیم قریشي په مشرۍ د صنعتونو او فابریکو په ستونزو د خبرو لپاره ناسته ترسره شوه. په ناسته کې په زیات شمېر سوداګرو او د فابریکو مسؤلینو ګډون درلود.

دوشنبه ۱۴۰۱/۲/۲۶ - ۱۶:۲۸
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د بنائی د ځمکې اړوند غونډه

د پلچرخي دصنعتي پارک د انکشافي پلان په برخه کې د شاوخوا ۳۶ جریبه ساختماني ځمکې د طرحې غونډه د صنعت او سوداګرۍ وزارت د صنعتي پارکونو عمومي رئیس ښاغلي عبدالعظیم قریشي