Minister's Biography


Biography of His Excellency Mohammad Shaker Kargar Minister of Commerce and Industries.

Mohammad Shaker Kargar son of Elhaj Wakil Ustad Ab.Rasul Kargar was born in a prominent family in kargar city of culture and ancient Andkhoy district of Faryab Province.

M.Shaker from paternal is grandson of Haji wakilnaderniyaz and from maternal is grandson of Wakil Ahmad Khan Kalantar, that on the time of Amir Amanullah khan, in 1307 Hijri National assembly and Large assembly 1310 Hijri they were the Representatives of Faryab province. And he has passed his childhood in this prominent family.

He started his primary school in 1352 Hijri Andkhoy central school, from 4th to 9th classes he went to shah shahid secondary school of Kabul provinceand he Ended his College with best degree from Abu Muslim Andkhoy high school.

Then he decided to continue his higher studies, he came to Kabul province and enrolled in faculty preparation classes For University in 1363 Hijri and in 1364 Hijri by achieving Master’s scholarship from USSR and enrolled in Governmental university of Hertsen Petersburg in the field of Rights and History and completed his Master’s degree in 1370 Hijri.