Finance Officer (EIF)

Tue, Apr 27 2021 10:06 AM
Finance Officer (EIF)

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Position Title:                         Finance Officer (EIF)

Ministry/Entity:                     Ministry of Industry & Commerce

Location:                                 Kabul

Section:                                  EIF Project

Contract:                                Contract based. Initial assignment will be for a period of 12 months full-time with the possibility of future extensions subject to satisfactory performance and availability of funds.

Reporting To:                         EIF Focal Point & EIF Project Manager within MoIC

Reporting From:                     Project Implementation Unit


Objective: Execute and efficiently administer fiduciary operations, particularly fund management, accounting, record keeping, procurement and administrative functions while supporting production of reports for the EIF-funded Tier 1 project, including troubleshooting, facilitating successful project implementation and compliance with government rules and regulations.


Key Responsibility: Financial Management Support

  • Financial Management & Accounting: Manage cash advance, petty cash accounts and communicate with MoIC departments for the petty cash requirement and expense claims. Batching and coding of invoices and payment vouchers in accordance with NIU’s procedure. Data entry of invoices and payment vouchers onto the accounting system/database/software for accounts payable processing. Maintain NIU’s account journals and ledgers. Complete statement reconciliation of supplier accounts, advances, petty cash and monthly bank reconciliations.
  • Support the recording of funds received from EIF and communicate in a timely manner to EIF TFM the receipt of funds
  • Support the day-to-day financial transactions of the Tier 1 project under the guidance of the Project Manager and the Finance Director and in line with the approved project budget (as per signed MOU) and the approved workplan
  • Ensure documents and records are complete, clear and organized and maintained for the purpose of verifying and approving transactions and supporting annual audits
  • Prepare case files to support approval and release of payments and ensure funds are received by the recipient
  • Maintain and keep up-to-date the internal record of all transactions related to the EIF Tier 1 project in an easily accessible and accurate manner for reporting, accounting and auditing
  • Contribute to data entry of all transactions;
  • Contribute to updating the Assets & Inventory Registers and conducting physical verification of assets;
  • Contribute to keeping accounting records and files and documents them appropriately;
  • Assist the Finance Director in keeping and controlling Petty Cash
  • Project Coordination: Liaise with Ministry of Finance (MoF) and Da Afghanistan Bank for payment requests and fund transfers. Preparing withdrawal applications and supporting documents/reports for fund withdrawals/disbursements. Support troubleshooting with funds flow issues and ensure effective communication with MoF and Da Afghanistan Bank to ensure timely access to project funds.
  • Administration & Operations: Assist the implementation of a comprehensive capacity building plan for the NIU Financial Management Desk as the unit grows from a being a EIF only desk to an enlarged team managing the other donor funded projects implemented by NIU. This plan should include key performance measures that will be used to monitor progress of the capacity building process
  • Co-lead procurement activities by helping identify requirements with MOIC and EIF (ES & TFM), preparing draft procurement plan in line with the approved workplan and budget
  • Draft solicitations and conduct market research and outreach to obtain offers and proposals for goods and services required to effectively implement the project activities
  • Work with MOIC leadership to facilitate evaluation of offers and promoting best Value for Money (VfM) in using EIF resources to deliver the project
  • Support the contracting and contract management for sub-entities (including contractors, suppliers, service providers, etc)
  • Support the planning and preparation for key events both virtual and in-person as per MOIC guidelines and facilitate the successful implementation of such events by working with ICT, suppliers\service providers, venues and participants
  • Reporting: Assist Project Manager in preparing the quarterly financial reports to UNOPS/EIF
  • Support the preparation of semi-annual and annual narrative reports for the EIF (ES & TFM)
  • Support the Project Manager with regular progress reports to EIF (ES & TFM) using the relevant online tools provided by EIF ES prior to submitting them to MoIC management for approval
  • Work closely with EIF TFM to finalize the Audit TOR for annual audit exercise and the procurement to select the best value for money external auditor (firm)
  • Support the contracting of the selected audit entity and ensure files are prepared in advance and ready before the start of the audit
  • Ensure the audit firm understands the desired format and content of the envisioned annual audit report required by EIF
  • Troubleshoot any challenges with audit preparation and conducting of the exercise in coordination with MoIC management and EIF TFM
  • Budget: Assist Project Manager in developing budget for the project, broken down by month, code, and activities. Support any needs for budget revision using templates from EIF and ensuring early submission to EIF for review and approval.

Education, Experience & Skills


  • Minimum bachelor degree in economics, business administration, finance, mathematics or related field.


  • 3 years of experience in finance\accounting and administration. Preference will be given to candidates with exposure to working with international organizations


  • Familiarity with Ministry of Finance procedures would be a strong asset
  • Ability to manage donor funds and report on the use of funds ensuring compliance with government and donor policies
  • Ability to manage relationships with multiple stakeholders, including with AfT team, MoIC departments, external government bodies, the private sector, and international stakeholders
  • Ability to use common computer software, including email, MS Office, and advanced use of Excel for tracking and reporting
  • Ability to take initiative to reach objectives
  • Excellent communication skills in English and Dari.

Submission Guideline

Qualified candidates may submit their application including a letter of interest, complete Curriculum Vitae via email to  before 3/05/2021.

Kindly indicate position title (Finance Officer (EIF)) in the subject line when applying.

Submission Emails:

Deadline: 3/05/2021


Finance Officer (EIF)

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