Investment Facilities

Investment Facilities Directorate

The Investment Facilities Directorate is comprised in formation of the Deputy for private sector and industries development within the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The Directorate is set up to encourage, boost and attract domestic and foreign investors, provides services to attract foreign direct investments and reflect Afghanistan as a viable and suitable investment destination.

Role of Investment Promotion and Protection Directorate

Investment Facilities Directorate plays an important and vital role in creating a suitable environment for attracting, enticing and encouraging domestic and foreign investments with the intention of achieving the main goals and implementing the strategy of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce for economic growth and development in the country.


The Investment Facilities Directorate is based on the Afghanistan National Strategy, which is in line with Article 10 of the Constitution, which explicitly states, (The Government encourages and supports investment and private entrepreneurs in the context of market economy and guarantees its protection in accordance with the provisions of the law).


Reflecting Afghanistan as a perfect destination for investment which creates employment and inclusive economic growth.


The focus of Investment Facilities Directorate, and has been striving to promote investment and mutual trade between Afghanistan, the rest of the region and around the world by providing tangible and intangible services to attract foreign and domestic direct investments to develop and grow the country's investment and economy.

Investment Facilities Directorate Activities

  • Attracting foreign direct investments by providing information on investing opportunities, offering investment services and potential sectors as well
  • Arranging, regulating and researching investment opportunities and sharing with the four chambers, entering in database and presenting it to investors and stakeholders
  • Arrangement of incentive packages for domestic and foreign investors by sector to encourage and attract investors in specific sectors, where Afghanistan has a competitive advantage
  • Providing services to foreign investors (such as guiding investor about the rules and regulations of investing in Afghanistan, providing services in land acquisition to establish companies, the rules of Afghanistan banks, how to record and register companies, providing visa and passport services) and other supportive programs
  • Preparation and regulation of Investment Facilities Directorate’s long-term plans and policies in line with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce's strategic plan and its implementation guidelines
  • Providing support and encouragement to investors throughout the investment process to strengthen them
  • Designing operational supportive and encouraging strategies to support investment in industrial areas of the country
  • Planning, prioritizing and managing multiple programs to present a positive image of Afghanistan as a viable investment destination
  • Coordinating with the central and provincial Directorates and Departments of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in order to gather information on investment opportunities and provide them to investors
  • Building relationship with investors to attract them for investing in the country
  • Providing Passport / Visa getting services to domestic and foreign investors

Implementation of the High Investment Support Board in the country based on the commitment of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan which is headed by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to take appropriate steps to provide facilitated opportunities for foreign investors.