Vision: The foundation for creating a flexible, proficient and viable private sector which is the driving force behind inclusive and sustainable economic growth and ensuring poverty reduction in the country."Mission" Active contribution in the growth of the country's economy through encouragement and support of the private sector with the participation of relevant authorities.


General Directorate of Trade Policy is responsible to develop strategy, roadmap, and benchmarks to improve trade balance of Afghanistan.
Besides,pursues increasing exports, international transit system and corridors,conducts analytical researches, studies and develops efficient trade policies and policy recommendations,and overall efforts of this unit is aimed to enhance Afghanistan’s participation in global trading system.


The vision is to have modern & internationally competitive industries. Our core function is to build infrastructure at industrial parks, and develop policies, benchmarks and procedures for industrialization of the following sectors: 1 primary sector, 2 light industries, and 3 heavy industries. 


We welcome both national and international investors, to look at investment opportunities across Afghanistan, we have enabled environment to accommodate huge investments, creating a protected and favorable environment for investors with flat corporate tax rate, 100% foreign ownership and no restriction on capital repatriation, minimum tariff to import raw material.