Afghan Card Company Leadership Board meeting was held

Sat, Oct 05 2019 9:34 AM
Afghan Card Company Leadership

This meeting was held under the chairmanship of Honored Mr. Ajmal Hamid Abdul Rahimzai Deputy Ministry for Trade Affairs of Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

The meeting was also attended by officials of the company and representatives of the Ministry of Finance and Pashtany Bank, discussing the status of the company, their achievements and problems and making the necessary decisions.

Mr. Abdul Rahimzai the DM for Trade Affairs, while listening to the report, admired the company's achievements and efforts and provided guidance on the collection of debts from natural and legal people through relevant authorities.

The deputy minister of Trade Affairs elicited the reform of the financial system and the salary system of Afghan Card, saying that the financial system and the salaries of the company's employees should be adjusted to a reasonable and better level from the beginning of the next fiscal year.


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