Ahmad Fawad Ahmady Spokesman of Ministry of Industry and Commerce

Working with ministry of industries and commerce as minister’s spokesman who Holds Master Degree in Law and Political Science from Payam Noor University and studied his bachelor in journalism from Herat university, Afghanistan

Ahmad Fawad Ahmady is capable of performing all kinds of journalistic programs (writing package reports, feature reports, investigation reports, producing political, social and cultural programs, announcing News Bulletin, dubbing, editing, training TV or radio programs. He has great knowledge of English language and other native languages.

Beside his management and journalism skills he has fulfilled small gaps of his career with the training programs like Journalist and human rights training workshop in Kabul Afghanistan, Civic journalism pre-elections coverage CIJ course in Kabul Afghanistan, Training course on reportage and reporting in Roma Italy by Italy National, and one the great accomplishment was Participating in the International Visitor Leadership Program in USA.

Ahmad Fawad Ahmady has worked with different national and international originations which started in 2001 as reporter in Herat News Center, and worked as reporter for Pajhwok News Agency and Payame Jawan magazine.

He has worked as director of the first Social magazine in West Zone of Afghanistan, and has been the Chief Executive of Saqi TV, he has also been working as reporter and Regional Manager for ATN (Ariana Television Network and Radio).

Ahmad Fawad Ahmady who has built his career with efforts and sacrifices, is full of governmental and non-governmental experience.