System Developer – Marketing Automation

Thu, Oct 10 2019 11:56 AM

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Position Title:                         System Developer – Marketing Automation

Ministry/Entity:                     Ministry of Industry & Trade

Location:                                 Kabul

Section:                                  EIF Project

Bast:                                        Contract based

Reporting To:                         Relevant Department

Reporting From:                     -

Objective: Develop and operationalize online marketing automation system for Export Promotion directorate

Key Responsibility: Marketing automation system

  • Marketing automation: Develop or find online user-friendly marketing automation software/system and adapt it to EPA marketing efforts. Ensure EPA plans, coordinates, manages and measures all of its marketing campaigns effectively using the system. Ensure the system helps to market on multiple channels online effectively (such as email, social media, websites, etc) and automates repetitive tasks. Operationalize the system and train directorate staff to use the system. Maintain the system and gradually improve it.
  • Databases: Develop and operationalize online databases for appropriately organizing and storing customer data. Train directorate staff to use the system. Maintain the system and gradually improve it.
  • Analytics: Ensure the system includes campaigns performance analytics and automatically generates reports and recommendations.
  • Integration: Ensure the marketing automation system is well integrated and aligned with sales automation system of commercial attaches.

Education, Experience & Skills


  • Minimum bachelor degree in Software engineering, IT, Computer Science or related field


  • Three years relevant experience in systems development or related field


  • Ability to develop or find proper online information exchange systems or applications
  • Ability to develop user-friendly reporting templates and applications
  • Strong research capabilities
  • Ability to train the government staff in using online systems
  • Ability to learn quickly about the sales and marketing system, government working system and paperwork processes
  • Ability to take initiative to reach objectives.

Submission Email: Please send your CV to below email


System Developer – Marketing Automation

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