Licence procedure


All corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and sole proprietorships doing Trade are required to register with ACBR, which facilitates the registration process, including assistance for completing the application form, paying fees, publishing key business information in the Official Gazette and reporting specification of businesses to the Revenue Department of MoF. Registration is required only one time unless a business makes major changes (i.e., change in ownership, executive management, or location or if the initial capital increases or decreases). Businesses are referred to ACBR from either the Trader License office located in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, from AISA, or from any other license departments after they acquire a business license. These entities usually issue a referral letter. There is no cost associated with the referral letter; however, fees will be paid when acquiring a license. AISA usually sends their agent to ACBR to complete the registration for their customers, but Trader License office of MoCI and others are sending the applicants directly to ACBR. The business registration process at ACBR and the associated fees for foreign businesses are the same as for domestic businesses. However, licensing steps and fees may vary for foreign-owned businesses. The following steps are necessary to complete the business registration process at ACBR.


An application form - available on the ACBR website in English, Pashto, and Dari languages. Copy of Tazkera or passport of the President and Vice President of the business 2 sets of color passport photographs of the President and Vice President of the business Article of Incorporation. This document is drafted by a corporation or partnership. It must list the names of owners, shares, and other agreement clauses. This document is submitted only once to ACBR. If there is a change in this document the business must report the changes to ACBR and submit the most recent document.

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