Monthly Update



 1Uzbekistan TRIP: On 17thuzbekistan July, MoIc’s minister Ajmal Ahmady had an official trip to the neighboring country Uzbekistan. He inaugurated the first Afghan-Uzbek trade show. Most of Afghan traders, industrialists and producers displayed their products in the 65 booths provided by MoIC - 40% of the booths were owned by Afghan businesswomen. Afghan Traders exhibited goods such as dry fruits, saffron, marble and carpet. The show was part of our objective to boost our exports by finding market for our products outside the country. During his visit to Uzbekistan minister Ahmady addressed

the second session of the Afghan-Uzbek Public Privateuzbek Dialogue (PPD). Both sides had already communicated their MFN tariff rates, and they conclude a draft of “Intergovernmental Agreement on Air Services”. minister Ahmady also met with Afghan traders in Uzbekistan. He received their trade-related problems. Mr. Ajmal Ahmady vowed to provide broader facilities for Afghan traders to lead to enhancement of Afghanistan’s export volume to Uzbekistan.





  2. Balkh Trip: On 6th July, followingbalkh the provincial trips MoIC’s minister Ajmal Ahmady had work-related trip to Balkh Province and received a warm welcome by the Governor and business community of Balkh. He also inaugurated Shamal Aluminum Company and visited TAK Company. Shamal Company has invested

balkh$2 million and has the capacity to produce 1200 sheets of aluminum per day providing jobs for more than 200 locals. TAK Co with global standard machineries operates in dry fruit processing and is to open its first cold storage with global standards. Towards the end of his trip, minister Ahmady held a meeting and dialogues with the business community of Balkh Province. More than 150 investors.    



 3. Parwan Trip: On 25th July, in the series of his parwanprovincial trips, MoIC’s minister Ajmal Ahmady visited Parwan Province leading a group of MoIC officials. He inaugurated the new edifice of MoIC sub-directorate in Parwan. minister Ahmady attended a meeting with business community, civil society community and the governor and

parwaother authorities of Parwan province. He received their problems in trade, finding markets for their products and other business and industry related challenges, and he promised them more support from the MoIC.



International Meetings

1.  On 24th of July, MoIC’s ministerinter Ajmal Ahmady co-chaired the third Afghanistan Advancing Trade (AAT) Steering Committee meeting with the EU ambassador Mr. Pierre Mayaudon. Both sides discussed the achievements and challenges of the project so far. The EU promised a fund of €12 million for the Phase two of the project. The project will help MoIC to reach its goal of $1 billion exports this year.




Meetings with Traders & signing MoU

1.  On 10th July, minister Ajmal Ahmady tradermet with Haji Rahim Gardizi the Founder of Gardizi Groups of companies to sign an MoU to build a Dam (Gabion) Productive Factory in Lugar Province by Gardizi Groups of Companies.  He also obtained approval from HEC (High Economic Council)

trader to create an Agricultural Chamber of Commerce to support farmers.

2.   Following numerous meetings with DABS and Private Sector, minister Ajmal Ahmady signed a legal framework with DABS and private sector which is based on Industrial Parks. Through this framework private sector will receive required electricity. In this MoU, Private Sector is financing body, DABS is the technical cooperator and MoIC acts as an observer.



1.   On 11th July, minister Ajmal Ahmady inauinaugurated a new VIP lounge at ACBR. The lounge will function as facilitator of quick satisfactory services for those businessmen who want quicker services. This new VIP process allows them to obtain business licenses, visa invitations, and trademarks in approximately one hour.