Advisor for Exhibitions

Thu, Oct 10 2019 11:39 AM

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Position Title:                         Advisor for Exhibitions

Ministry/Entity:                     Ministry of Industry & Trade

Location:                                 Kabul

Section:                                  EIF Project

Bast:                                        Contract Based

Reporting To:                         Relevant Department

Reporting From:                     -

Objective: Align MoIC Exhibitions working system with export promotion and attaches directorate

Key Responsibility: Effective Exhibitions

  • Planning and Monitoring: Work to align Exhibitions country targeting and planning with MoIC sales and marketing automation systems. Collect input from EPA and Attaches directorate and list the target countries for future exhibitions. Develop a scoring and country selection framework. Evaluate the effectiveness of previous exhibitions. Monitor the Exhibitions effect in six-month and one-year intervals. Provide recommendations for improvements. Develop annual and monthly activity calendars of all directorate activities, broken down by month
  • Guidelines: Develop and periodically update Exhibitions guidelines.  
  • Training: Develop monthly training program for employees to increase employees’ capacity in planning, monitoring and evaluating exhibitions.
  • Budget: Assist directorate in developing annual budget for the directorate, broken down by month, code, and activities.

Education, Experience & Skills


  • Minimum bachelor degree in economics or business administration or similar field


  • Three years relevant experience in planning and organizing exhibitions


  • Ability to develop and write strategies for Exhibitions directorate
  • Strong research capabilities
  • Ability to manage relationships with multiple stakeholders, including with other MoIC departments, external government bodies, the private sector, and international stakeholders
  • Ability to use common computer software, including email, MS Office, and develop databases in excel
  • Ability to take initiative to reach objectives.

Submission Email: Please send your CV to below email


Advisor for Exhibitions

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