Agreements and Legal Advisor

Thu, Oct 10 2019 11:59 AM

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Position Title:                         Agreements and Legal Advisor

Ministry/Entity:                     Ministry of Industry & Trade

Location:                                 Kabul

Section:                                  EIF Project

Bast:                                        Contract Based

Reporting To:                         Relevant Department

Reporting From:                     -


Objective:  To provide legal advice in designing and implementation of the bilateral, multilateral and regional trade and transit agreements and to develop trade and transit relationships of Afghanistan with the other countries and also to keep the balance of imports and exports of goods and services.


Key Responsibility: Trade and Transit Agreements

  • Evaluate the trade and transit agreements from legal point of view. If needed, amend and draft the newer version.
  • Collect information about the effectiveness of the current trade and transit agreements.
  • Do case studies and recommend new agreements for signing with specific countries.
  • Collect trade issues between Afghanistan and the countries where commercial attaché is stationed in order to review the agreements from legal perspective.
  • Address the issues in trade and transit agreements.
  • To help functioning public-private coordination mechanism supporting high level dialogue on trade and transit development in terms of legal perspective.
  • Trainings:  Train the directorate staff (officials) in drafting, evaluating and processing trade and transit agreements from legal perspective.

Education, Experience & Skills



  • Minimum bachelor degree in law or international relations. Preference will be given to Master’s degree holders


  • Three years relevant experience


  • Ability to evaluate trade and transit agreements from legal point of view
  • Ability to draft or amend trade and transit agreements
  • Ability to train the directorates staff on amending, drafting or evaluating agreements
  • Strong research capabilities
  • Ability to use common computer software, including email, MS Office, and develop databases in excel
  • Strong English, Pashto and Dari Language skills.

Submission Email: Please send your CV to below email


Agreements and Legal Advisor

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