Up-surging exports of Afghanistan goods through Chabahar Port to India

Thu, Sep 05 2019 12:17 PM
Exports of the country's goods

Exports of the country's goods via the transit corridor have increased as the first Afghanistan grape package is shipped via India to Chabahar port.

Since the beginning of export through Chabahar Port, 700 tons of Afghan merchants have exported to India, including dried fruits, precious and semi-precious stones (talc) and legumes (mung beans).

According to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce’s plan in the near future, exports of apples and pomegranates of the country through this port to India and other countries will be issued.

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Tue, Oct 01 2019 2:56 PM
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The scientific conference on the benefits of Southern, Eastern, and Western commercial-transit corridors was held in Paktia province.

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