Holding a Meeting to Review Detergent Companies Challenges

Wed, Mar 03 2021 5:29 PM
Holding a Meeting to Review Detergent Companies Challenges

March 3, 2021
 A meeting to review the problems of detergent companies was held in the conference hall of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce with the participation of MoIC employees, the Deputy of the Afghanistan Chambers Federation, the head of Kabul Chamber of Industries and Mines and representatives from detergent companies.
 In this meeting, the opportunities, problems, and challenges of detergent companies, their production capacities and how the Ministry of Industry and Commerce can support this sector were discussed.
Representatives of Detergent Companies presented their problems as; the existence and production of different types of low-quality detergents in the country, the import of smuggled goods and the low customs tariff on similar imported goods as the main problems facing their sector.
 The MoIC Leadership, after listening the problems and challenges of the country's detergent companies; Promised to take serious action to solve their problems and to negotiate with government organizations to increase the customs tariff on imported detergents.
 There are currently 138 manufacturing factories operating throughout Afghanistan in the detergent sector such as, laundry detergent, shampoo, soap and dishwashing liquid.

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