Afghanistan Women's Chamber of Commerce and Industries hold emergency elections

Sat, Jul 17 2021 9:20 AM
Afghanistan Women's Chamber of Commerce and Industries hold emergency elections

July 15, 2021

The emergency elections of the AWCCI were held with the presence of Mr. Nisar Ahmad Ghoryani, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Ms. Hasena Safi, Minister of Women's Affairs, Mr. Jalaluddin Saeed, Advisor to the President on Export Affairs, IEC representatives, and the Chamber's leadership.

Mr. Ghoryani stressed at the chamber's election ceremony that women have played a key role in the growth of trade, industry, and investment in the country over the past two decades.

Referring to the ministry's support for women's commercial, industrial, and investment activities, the MoIC Minister stressed that all facilities have been provided for women, and women industrialists will play a key role in domestic and international exhibitions.

Moreover, Mr. Ghoryani said, the MoIC has established a business consulting center in the field of supporting women entrepreneurs, which includes a plan (Women's Think Tank and a plan to support smaller, small, and medium enterprises).

The MOIC, has set special conditions for women entrepreneurs to acquire land in industrial parks, and in the precious stone sector, the problems of women entrepreneurs have been identified, and the USAID showed satisfaction to conduct training programs in the design and polling departments through the ministry.

The emergency elections of the Afghan Women's Chamber of Commerce and Industries AWCCI, have been held based on the decision of the High Council of Representatives of the Chamber and the resignation of 8 members of its leadership board in cooperation with the MoIC and the Independent Election Commission to select 8 new members.

In the chamber elections, Ms. Hasina Bezhann Zaeefi, Ms. Marzya Panahi, Ms. Hasena Aimaq, Ms. Sediqa Mushtaq, Ms. Humairar Kohzad, Ms. Zahra Rezaei, Ms. Nilab Sadat won the most votes and were elected as the new members of the AWCCI leadership board.

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