Endeavors to open Pakistan's borders to Afghanistan exports have resulted

Tue, Jun 23 2020 8:19 AM
Endeavors to open Pakistan's borders to Afghanistan exports have resulted

June, 22,2020

The epidemic of the COVID-19 has forced countries to take precautionary measures, including blocking trade, to prevent the virus from spreading. Unquestionably, these measures have caused huge financial losses to the world economy.

Afghanistan has not been safe from the effects of blocking borders and restricting trade, and has suffered economic losses and social crises. as Kazakhstan has imposed restrictions on wheat and flour imports to Afghanistan which caused prices rose in the market, and Pakistan closed their borders to trade and transit with Afghanistan, damaging Afghanistan's economy, especially the private sector.

The Afghanistan government has taken special measures, including a special mechanism for trade and transit, to prevent the outbreak of the coronavirus virus from the day after the borders were blocked, and has been able to provide the entrance of thousands of Afghanistan goods containers over time.

Efforts to create facilities and increase trade (import and export) between Afghanistan and Pakistan have not stopped. as a result of these negotiations, the Pakistan government has finally announced their agreement with the restart of Afghanistan's exports to that country. Luckily, on the June, 22,2020 and after a two-month interruption and the start of the country's agricultural export season, trade between the two countries has returned to normal, with special health measures in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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