Increase in the level of aluminum Products in the country

Sat, Nov 21 2020 1:55 PM
Increase in the level of aluminum Products in the country

Production of aluminum dishes has increased in a number of provinces, its production in Herat and Nangarhar provinces brought the country closer to self-sufficiency.

Khawaja Abdullah Ansar Aluminum Utensils Plant in Herat industrial park, which is active in the production of aluminum utensils; has recently increased its production and investment capacity in the smelting and aluminum production sector.

The plant started operating in 2002 with an initial investment of 16 million Afghanis in the production line of aluminum utensils, profiles, steam boilers and other aluminum accessories in this industrial park, and now exports its products to the regional and European countries.

The production capacity of this plant was 90 tons per month, but due to the lack of required raw materials, this factory has decreased its production line to 40 tons per month and has provided employment to 300 people. The plant supplies the needed raw materials from domestic aluminum wastage.

In the meantime, aluminum plants in Nangarhar province, produces 3,000 kilograms of aluminum tools per day, and currently there are three plants producing aluminum dishes in the province, which has provided work for 170 people.

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