Introducing the new Director for finance and accounting of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce

Sat, Jun 12 2021 8:17 AM
Introducing the new Director for finance and accounting of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce

June 12, 2021

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce leadership meeting chaired by Mr. Nisar Ahmad Ghoryani was held in the conference hall, to discuss the working issues and how to better implement the programs of this ministry in the form of "One Hundred Days of One Hundred Good News".

In this meeting, Mr. Tufail Ahmad Basiri was also introduced as the new Director of Finance and Accounting of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce after passing the free competition exam and with the approval of the President’s Office.

Mr. Ghoryani, MoIC Minister, while appreciating the duties of the former director of the Finance and Accounting Directorate, wished Mr. Basiri success and asked him to perform his duties following the laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

In this meeting, Mr. Ghoryani emphasized careful planning to implement the 100 days and 100 good news plans and should be implemented regularly.

In the form of a 100-day program, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce has announced various programs such as opening a project to build several industrial parks, opening licensing distribution centers under a one-stop shop, unveiling an investment brand in Afghanistan, and several other programs.

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