Marketing promotional material for Afghanistan Exporting products

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Location Kabul

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Procuring Entity: Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC)

Name of the Project: Marketing promotional material for Afghanistan Exporting products

Ref No. MOIC/99/CS-003/QCBS

Selection Method: (QCBS)

Marketing and promotional material for Afghanistan exporting products which consists of 2 main following sections: 1. branding for designing promotional material such as photography, Video recording, promotional items, Production and designing-printing guidelines. 2. Branding for digitalization such as Web site developing, social media develop and campaigning, brand and creative management and lead management for an efficient awareness of national and international markets of Afghanistan original products.

Therefore, all the eligible consultants having similar experience relevant to the terms of reference, are invited to express their interest and send their EOIs to the address mentioned below. For further information about the project, please download the ToR and REOI documents form the website on

Deadline for Submission of EOI: 10:00 AM (Kabul Local Time), Monday July 06th 2020.

 Notice that the consultants must deliver their EOIs in a written form to the address below (in person or by email).  

Address: Darulaman Road, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Procurement Department.

Attention: Wahidullah Wesal, consultative Services Manager.

Email Add: CC to and

Phone No. 0744 87 43 85- Office No. 020 210 34 05



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