The first-ever Pistachio Processing and Packing Plant Started in Badghis Province

Sun, Oct 18 2020 3:04 PM
The first-ever Pistachio Processing and Packing Plant Started in Badghis Province

The first ever Pistachio Processing and Packing Plant started in Qala E New city of Badghis Province with the participate of government officials and private sector, this plant started with an investment of $ 158 thousand dollars which literally created job opportunities for 50 people.

This plant has 5 processing and packaging machines; produces 300-500 Kgs of pistachio in an hour and 7200-12000 Kgs within 24 hours, and in near future the production capacity will be doubled.

According to officials from the Badghis Department of Industry and Commerce, Pistachio shells used to be break traditionally, processed and packaged which made 10 percent of them waste, and after the activation of this plant the waste has decreased to 1 percent.

Greeting the start of this plant, the leadership of MoIC puts finding a market for this product in the world markets on its agenda and emphasizes its export to the international markets with standard packaging.

Badghis is the largest producer of quality pistachios in Afghanistan, and current year the province's pistachio production has increased by more than 36 million metric tons.

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