Inspecting the market situation in Nangarhar and Bamyan provinces

Tue, Jun 08 2021 8:02 AM
Inspecting the market situation in Nangarhar and Bamyan provinces

Monday 17 June 1400

The Commission for the Prevention of Production, Import, and Supply of Low-Quality, Expired and Counterfeit Goods in Nangarhar and Bamyan Provinces conducted market surveys to control prices and identify substandardly and expired foodstuff.

During the commission's visit to different parts of the city of Jalalabad, about 70 kilograms of expired foodstuff were collected.

The commission is set up under the MoIC leadership, with ten government and private sector agencies in the center and provinces following the Consumer Protection Law.

The commission conducts regular market surveys to control the prices of food and other consumables and identify substandard and expired materials.

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